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Please check out the new amended Martock Rules page League Rules - Updated as of 2022 - 2023 Season

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League Information
Please check out the new amended Martock Rules page League Rules


Singles KO - Group Stage Rules
  • Best of 5 frames (race to 3)
  • 2 players from each group go through - Winner to Gold and Runner Up to Silver KO Stages
  • If only 2 players turn up then both players to place a best of 11 (race to 6) to determine a Winner and Runner Up
  • Players to lag for break

  • Match Format:
  • Player 1 vs Player 2
  • Player 3 vs Player 1
  • Player 3 vs Player 2

  • If after all matches are played and all players have 1 win then 1 extra frame will be played to eliminate 1 player from the group using the same match format as above.
  • If all 3 players are still tied you repeat the 1 extra frame again
  • If after both rounds of additional frames there is still a draw then a Black Ball Shoot Out will be used

  • Black Ball Shoot Out Rules:
  • Cue ball is placed behind the baulk line and the Black on the Black Spot
  • Player 1 attempts to pot the black, then Player2 and then Player 3
  • Repeat until 1 player is eliminated
  • When 2 players are remaining, repeat the above to decide who is Winner and who is Runner Up

  • Players finishing 3rd in the group will go to the Reserves list for the KO Stages to be used if there are any BYES
    Cards - available to download from this website or from Steve @ MSC
    Venues - Detailed on the Singles Posters

    Updated: December 24 2022 21:13:20